This is the new FiiK Rager. A new breed of lightweight Electric Skateboard.

Now with a potent brushless motor, reverse function and a slimline, lightweight lithium battery. You will wonder how we put that much power in such a tight package. It is built around a a high performance bamboo deck with aggressive downhill longboard styling. We have taken a minimalistic approach that makes it hard to tell it is electric powered just by looking at it, that is until you pull the wireless trigger! Ohh FiiK!

THE RAGER blends optimum manoeuvrability, power, and weight into a compact design for a high performance ride. The potent output of THE RAGER’s brushless power plant makes it feel unstoppable! But when you feel the smooth progressive ABS FiiK brakes on tap, you know you can pull it up quick if you need to. Paired with a carefully contoured bamboo longboard deck, it begs you to rip big power drifts and tight turns with maximum control and confidence. This board has been designed, for straight-out speed carving, with well mannered characteristics, low centre of gravity, punchy power and responsiveness puts you on top of a sweet ride. Long live, THE RAGER!

Deck Style: Rager

  • Concave deck with a beautifully crafted bamboo deck tail:Set up to ride is traditional centre longboard stance, This allows better control and stability during high speed carving and power slides.
  • Optimum wheelbase: Delivers a flowing turn with great manoeuvrability. Perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity.
  • Power Plant: New Brushless motor with high output and torque, lightweight, responsive, it will surprise you with it's potent output. Power can be limited for younger or less experienced riders or unleashed when your ready for full power.
  • Power: Premium performance Lithium-ion quick charge, lightweight, long cycle life, integrated battery management system.
  • Wheels, High Quality Polyurethane 90a compound, wont break up with heavy wear as other traditional longboard wheels do.
  • System Safety: Low-voltage cut-off switch, with heat overload and fuse protection sensors. Smooth reliable step-less ABS braking.

Motor: High Performance

  • Top Speed: 35km/h
  • Range: 12-18 kilometres Lithium-ion, varies with terrain, riders weight, riding style, hills, stop starting, most people don't ride in a straight line for point A to B.
  • Battery: Rechargeable, Lithium-ion, reliable, safe memory-free, high cycle life, high-output battery pack. Quick-release, 20-second battery exchange. 36v 7ah.
  • Re-Charge: 2-4 hours Lithium-ion
  • Pistol-Grip controller: Wireless (Proximity activated)
  • Stepless digital throttle, with twin-Speed selector
  • Two speed settings provide control for safer, progressive skills development
  • ABS Braking: Anti-Lock, Controller-Activated-Braking. Regenerative technology helps increase ride-time
  • Max Load: 95kg


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Rager with Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery
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